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We believe people are good.

People are inherently good and capable of achieving great things.

But better insights give superpowers.

Good intentions can only take people so far, and insights are essential for effective action. We predict stress, provide well-being insights, and offer recommendations to support better outcomes.

And technology can make it easier.

Modern tech can reduce tasks that usually take half a day to just a few minutes.

We help you activate the full potential.

Our experienced consultants are here to help you and your managers maximize the platform's potential, ensuring you achieve significant impact.


Quick and intuitive.

We believe in the power of great leadership and trust that managers have good intentions. They just need insights, meaningful frameworks, and more time, and that's exactly what we give them.

Proactively ensure well-being.

Leaders get real-time report into the well-being of their team, so they can proactively focus on the things that matter the most to their people.

Align expectations with goals.

Leaders get the tools to effeciently have 1-on-1 conversations with their team to align expectations, set goals, and remember agreements.

Utilize everyone's unique skills.

Leaders get easy-to-understand personality profiles of each team member to meaningfully utilize each person's unique strengths.

Drive sustainable performance.

Leaders get insights into each person's performance and areas of improvement to drive development and sustainable performance.


Data and AI power.

Our AI enables you to continuously learn from the successes and failures of others. In real-time.


i. Collective data model

We utilize a structured approach across all companies, to ensure you are part of the collective data model.


ii. Millions of data points


iii. Applied AI

The application of intelligent Gen-AI enables us to not only identify insights, but give you contextual recommendations in real-time.


You get what you measure.


Increase in well-being.

Well-being increases by 18% across all drivers in the first six months.


Improved job satisfaction.

Self-reported employee satisfaction increases by 14% in the first six months.


Reduction in stress.

Work-related stress scores decrease by 19% in the first six months.

Zoios is used by thousands of leaders.

Everything your leaders need.

Here are the key modules and features you and your leaders need to succeed.

Amazing pulse surveys.

Our data-driven and statistically validated well-being survey runs on a quarterly or monthly basis to ensure we don't just guess how our people are doing.

180° or 360° feedback.

Our plug-and-play model for getting feedback from peers to ensure development on both, an individual, and team level, is critical for long-term success.

Personality archetypes.

Our personality archetypes enable you to assess the culture and dynamics of a team as well as understand each member of your team to a much larger degree.

1-on-1 Journal.

Our easy-to-use journal documents all conversations, tracks goals, agreements and ensures you are developing and aligning expectations with all of your people.

IntegrationS. 💻

Connects to your AD or HR-IS.

We integrate directly with over 60 HR platforms.
Azure AD
And many more...

A leadership platform.

See some of the reasons why most People & Culture teams love Zoios.
Get to the bottom of challenges.

Not only can you dive into segments and see heatmaps, but you can also get context in qualitative comments.

Intuitive personality profiles.

You will instantly know your organizational and cultural strengths, as well as the most important areas of improvement.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

Always know how the organization is doing and whether your People, Culture and Leadership efforts are progressing as planned.

AI-powered recommendations.

Our algorithms automatically detect the drivers and factors with the most potential, and our AI helps you ideate the best way forward.

Organizational overview.

See exactly which locations, departments or teams require more focus and leadership efforts.

Identify areas of improvement.

You will instantly know your organizational and cultural strengths, as well as the most important areas of improvement.


Stop guessing.

Stop guessing how your team feels. For your sake.
Jon Mandorf

Partner and CEO

Mighty Monday

"I've been working with a lot 'people and culture platforms, but Zoios is the first one I have tried that actually makes it easy, accessible and actionable to create changes that matter. Ongoing meetings with their talented consultants ensure that we are constantly heading in the right direction"

Louise Lundgreen

Operations Lead


"Zoios is a great tool for us as it helps us keep our finger on the pulse. Zoios continually assists us in identifying areas where we can make an extra effort."

Tenna Viid Jørgensen

Head of People & Culture


"At SustainX, our culture statement is 'We take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet.' The order is important, and Zoios is a tool we use to assess whether we are creating the right conditions for everyone to thrive, take care of themselves, and feel good at work."

Rasmus Schmiegelow

Co-founder and CEO


"At Goodiebox, it is an absolute given that the leaders use Zoios. Because we will never reach the potential of the company or our employees if the employees do not feel engaged, empowered, and trusted."

Anita Hørdum

Partner & Head of HR

LEAD Agency

" We do not have a formal hierarchy and the analyzes prove that our employees really thrive in that. But Zoios has still really helped us identify the areas where we can, and should, strive to improve. "

Pernille Bastholm

HR & Operations Lead


" As an agency, the core of our business is our people. Zoios has been our organizational compass. It helps us navigate by delivering reports, analyses, insights, or ideas for all our management meetings. "


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