Level up your employer brand and ESG profile.

Most companies claim to have good well-being and a great culture. But some companies actually monitor and continuously strive to improve the workplace to have happy people. We certify companies, and we do not charge for the certification itself. The companies that monitor with Zoios and qualify get the certificate free of charge.

Certificate purpose.

The purpose of our certification is to credit companies that take it seriously to create a great workplace environment. These companies must have the best intentions for employees in the pursuit of building an environment for great well-being. We would like to help potential employees navigate possible workplaces on how well they are doing in terms of well-being and job satisfaction among existing employees.

Increased transparency.

By creating transparency, we give access to a competitive advantage for companies. Being able to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that employees truly thrive and report high levels of well-being and a good culture. That is a very powerful tool in your communication strategy as a company - both in terms of talent retention and talent attraction.

No-nonsense criteria.

To qualify, a company needs to go measure well-being, stress and employee net promoter score on a recurring basis to measure and verify employees are happy with the workplace. We evaluate the data over the past 3 months and companies need to boast a well-being score of at least 75, an eNPs of at least 30 and have fewer than 10% of people with high stress levels.


Measure what matters.

Most people will spend 12.375 days at work, and today, 77% have experienced burnout at their current job. When is enough, enough?
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Data and AI power.

Our AI enables you to continuously learn from the successes and failures of others. In real-time.


i. Collective data model

We utilize a structured approach across all companies, to ensure you are part of the collective data model.


ii. Millions of data points


iii. Applied AI

The application of intelligent Gen-AI enables us to not only identify insights, but give you contextual recommendations in real-time.


You get what you measure.


Increase in well-being.

Well-being increases by 18% across all drivers in the first six months.


Improved job satisfaction.

Self-reported employee satisfaction increases by 14% in the first six months.


Reduction in stress.

Work-related stress scores decrease by 19% in the first six months.

Zoios is used by thousands of leaders.