Mission-driven team.

We are a team out of Copenhagen, Denmark on a mission to improve the lives of 1.000.000 people through better culture and leadership. We're driven by Our Purpose to Produce for People with Pleasure.

Our Purpose is to...

For us our purpose is tied to innovation, making a difference in people's life and enjoying the ride ourselves. Our mantra is encapsulated in this sentence - read on to understand the key building blocks of our mantra.


For us, produce means being bold, inventing something new, and challenging the status quo. We must continually question what we are and should be creating for the world, but as progressive inventors, we believe in a better future.

For People...

For us people stands for having an emotional and psychological impact on real human beings. We believe that to have sustainable benefits for people, it needs to benefit business as well, but we are not satisfied with increased profits at the cost of people.

With Pleasure.

For us pleasure stands for enjoying the ride ourselves and starting with ourselves. We are not perfect, and our culture and leadership takes a lot of hard work, but we won't be able to have maximum impact without successed internally first.


Measure what matters.

Most people will spend 12.375 days at work, and today, 77% have experienced burnout at their current job. When is enough, enough?
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Data and AI power.

Our AI enables you to continuously learn from the successes and failures of others. In real-time.


i. Collective data model

We utilize a structured approach across all companies, to ensure you are part of the collective data model.


ii. Millions of data points


iii. Applied AI

The application of intelligent Gen-AI enables us to not only identify insights, but give you contextual recommendations in real-time.


You get what you measure.


Increase in well-being.

Well-being increases by 18% across all drivers in the first six months.


Improved job satisfaction.

Self-reported employee satisfaction increases by 14% in the first six months.


Reduction in stress.

Work-related stress scores decrease by 19% in the first six months.

Zoios is used by thousands of leaders.