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We love to work with strong partners that share our vision.

There are many who share our vision and philosophy. They are a key driver of the fast growth we are experiencing, and we are a key driver in the success they have with their clients.

We believe that job satisfaction can be higher in almost any workplace. It is even a good investment for companies. Because they will be able to retain their talents longer, and perform better, recruitment will become much easier. In other words, it is a great business case.

Our philosophy encompasses the interplay between data, dialogue, intuition and expertise to show the way to more well-being and better mental health. Organisations should not act based on gut feelings and intuition alone, and we should measure the impact of our actions and initiatives.



Become a Certified Zoios Specialist and consultant.

Some cases do not require certification. In other cases, we can only refer our customers to partners with a certification.